Grier breaks down 5 favorites

Grier breaks down 5 favorites

It's no secret that 2014 quarterback Will Grier is one of the hottest junior prospects in the nation. The Davidson Day (Davidson, NC) athlete set the national record earlier this season for passing yards in a game with 837-yards. Grier also has the attention of many top college programs across the nation, and he has five early favorites. Grier goes in depth on his top five right here.

Will Grier posted a top five on Twitter earlier this week. In order, they were: Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina State, and Oregon. The 6-foot-3, 185-pound standout said this top five wasn't an elimination of other colleges, it was more a starting point for him as he works through his recruitment.

"I'm still pretty early in the process I just wanted to get an outline of some favorite colleges, some colleges that are showing a lot of interest in me and probably that I'm closest to. I just wanted to begin the process a little bit," he said.

As Grier broke down what he likes about each school, it's clear he's thinking very carefully through his options. He maintained that he is still "ignorant" about these schools and has much more to learn about all of them before moving towards a decision.


"I probably communicate the most with Florida, the coaches really like me. It fits a lot of my needs, or wants, in a college. It checks a lot of my boxes. I guess you could call them my leader, but it's early," he said.

"I haven't gone into depth as much as I need to, but from what I know, it's one of my favorites."


"The coaches are very talkative. I speak with (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Blake) Anderson once a week on the phone and I get more mail from Carolina than anybody else. It's close to home and it's a really good academic school."


"Obviously now they have some coaching issues, but (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Jim) Chaney and (Wide Receivers) Coach (Darin) Hinshaw are still there and they are who I speak to the most. I really respect those two coaches. Tennessee is another great school academically. It's not far away. It's a great SEC program, it has an awesome atmosphere."

NC State

"It's another close-by school. They talk to me a lot. It's a good academic school and as far as football goes, they put a lot of quarterbacks into the next level and I'm interested in going to the NFL so that is important to some degree," he said.

"They've been to I think three or four practices and they've come to school and seen me multiple times when they're allowed to. When someone shows interest like that in me, it makes me interested in them."


"If I could put Oregon in Charlotte – that would be awesome. Oregon is the Davidson Day of college football, a lot of people have said that. It's almost identical offensively and the more in-depth I look at them – it's crazy how similar it is. I guess that's the original thing that jumps out at me. They have a lot of opportunities there with the whole Nike connection they have there. I've heard nothing but great things about that college atmosphere," Grier said.

"I've spoken with the coaches – they've come to school twice now – and that's not a short drive. They've shown interest to come see me."

Grier plans to see all these schools and possibly others before making a final decision. He'll hopefully visit NC State and UNC before Christmas break and plans to be at Florida on December 7th. He say's he'll fit Tennessee in before break too if he can.

"This is an important decision and I take it very seriously. I've been blessed with a lot of great opportunities and I need to make a good decision. I need to get out and see as much as I can and learn as much as I can before I make a decision," he said.

It may be pretty early in his recruitment, but Grier is hoping to have his final decision before next summer.

"If everything goes as planned, it'll be springtime. As soon as possible, honestly. I want to end it early and recruit other people. That's been a priority from the beginning – once I commit, recruiting other guys. I'm going to be all-in because when I make a decision, I plan on it being the right decision," he said.

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