UNC-ETSU: Roy Williams Postgame

UNC-ETSU: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and a transcript of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over East Tennessee State on Saturday.

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Opening Comments -

"It was an unusual game, to say the least. 42-12 at halftime. We had a couple stretches there where we kept stealing the ball and going down - they had trouble running their offense. You feel bad for Murray because he's got his point guard out and has two guys they suspended and another that's out for a semester. It was tough for them in the first half.

"I don't like to say this, but we couldn't maintain that same intensity in the second half. I wish we could, but we didn't. We missed so many shots and the strange thing is we didn't practice very much this week but we spent a lot of time shooting. Maybe we spent too much time shooting.

"Didn't shoot the ball very well - missed some easy ones, missed some layups - but at the same time I thought defensively that stretch in the first half we were very good.

"Four out of the last five possessions of the first half we missed layups or dunks or just didn't finish the play. We talked about that at half and I thought second half we'd be better at it, but we were worse, so I guess I shouldn't have talked about it. But it's hard to keep playing like that. We'll practice a little tomorrow and then we don't have another full practice until Thursday, so it is a tough time period for us."

Ever had a game in which you had 30 assists on 31 field goals?

"Well, when you think about it, the only one that wasn't was P.J. made a pass to Leslie and Leslie missed the layup, got his own rebound and put it back in. But it also shows that when we move the ball we're very successful, when we share the ball we're very succesful. Most of the time if you have 30 assists you're going to score 110-120 points, but we didn't do a very good job all those other times."

You pleased with first half offense? Would you have liked to have seen more touches in the post?

"Yeah, I've always talked about balance - we need to get it inside more. I didn't like the first part of the game - we were 0-4 and all of them were outside shots. Just because the other team plays zone doesn't mean we have to take the outside shot. We are a good shooting team, I'm convinced of that, but we didn't make a bunch of them tonight. We do have to have better balance and have to get the ball inside to James Michael, Joel and Brice - and they've got to come through. They missed some shots, too, it wasn't just the perimeter guys."

How close are you to being settled on that fifth starting spot at center?

"I'm not settled ... the battle will continue because I'm not sold on anyone. I thought Joel was a huge defensive presence for us in the first half. Desmond is more consistent defensively than anybody but I thought Joel was really good defensively for us in the first half."

Entering the season, did you expect it to be back and forth between those three guys at center?

"I have no idea because I never think of those things. I really don't. I don't spend any of my time thinking about who is going to start because I don't choose who starts - they do. I just write the names up on the board ... "

How'd Marcus Paige look today in your opinion?

"He got winded way too easily, but other than that ... he's another guy that I'm convinced he's a really good shooter, but he didn't show it again tonight."

Short term, how much of a setback was Marcus's injury?

"Missed a game, missed a week of practice - those things always hurt you. It gave Dexter and Luke more time, so that might be a positive out of it. I wouldn't think it'd be big as long as we can keep him healthy and as long as the shoulder isn't a recurring thing, I think he'll be fine."

What are the biggest improvements you've seen Brice make?

"Today in the first half I thought he was active defensively. One time we had a double team and he didn't go where he was supposed to go and wasn't tight enough on the double, but I thought he worked harder defensively than he has. In the second half I thought he took a step back and didn't do what we wanted him to do defensively. Just getting his intensity level up and maintaining it -- rebounding the ball, defending. We threw it to him in the post and when you're double teamed you've got to be tough enough to pass it back out and not give it up. But defensively in the first half he did some things that we really liked."

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