Army Combine: OL vs. DL (Part 1)

Connor Mayes takes a look at some of the OL vs. DL 1v1 action from the Army Combine that was held the day before the 2013 U.S. Army All-American Bowl...

OL Tyler Dever vs. DL Kenny Finley
OL Roberto Limon vs. DL Deshaywn Middleton
OL Marcus Oliver vs. DL Gelen Robinson
OL Aaron Cowee vs. DL Bill Aziz (x2)
OL James Hassenauer vs. DL Bijohn Jackson (x2)
OL Connor Mayes vs. DL Vic Roe
OL Breht Joly vs. DL Darius Fullwood
OL Tommy Hatton vs. DL Daivone Thomas
OL Randy Robinson vs. DL Conrad Mitchell
OL Troy Bacon vs. DL Jaleel Fields (x2)
OL Josh Wariboko vs. DL Adam Kirkpatrick
OL Tristen Hoge vs. DL Simeon Lane (x2)

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