VIDEO: Tigers Fall to Boston College

VIDEO: Tigers Fall to Boston College

CLEMSON - Watch the video highlights of the Atlantic Division battle in Death Valley.

First Defensive Series
Phillip Merling – First Half Sack
Phillip Merling – Second Half Sack
Phillip Merling – Sack Final Series - Called Back Procedure Penalty
C.J. Spiller – 2nd Quarter Run
C.J. Spiller – Catch Second Scoring Drive
James Davis – Touchdown Run First Drive
Rashaad Jackson – Sack
DeAndre McDaniel – Interception
Cullen Harper – First Down Run
Aaron Kelly – First Down Catch
Kevin Alexander – Sack
Rendrick Taylor – Long Catch First Drive
Mark Buchholz – Fieldgoal 10-3
Aaron Kelly – Potential Game Winner Recommended Stories

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